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Table Mountain

The cable lift.
The fog.
The sign reads "No Entry Beyond This Point".

Actually making it to the top of table mountain was a second attempt - the first day it had been closed. Many SASers had been opting to hike the mountain and I would have liked to but I did something to my right food the day before and wasn't feeling up to it. A 20 minute taxi ride from the waterfront and we (Ashley and I) were at the entrance to the cable car. Even from the entrance the view of Cape Town, the cape and the MV Explorer off in the distance was superb. This, however, turned out to be our only panoramic view as the fog never cleared while were were atop the mountain.

The cable car itself was a bit out of the ordinary (not that I've been on that many cable cars). As the car progressed up the cable the floor rotated. While I'm not sure if the motivation was drive towards egalitarian opportunities at the view or just a gimmick it was interesting either way.

A Dassie
The elusive Dassie.

In lieu of a clear cape vista our quest turned to finding the elusive Dassie. Apparently these creatures are the elephants closest living relative, though I don't see the family resemblance. Looks a lot more like a Badger to me. We finally found one just a few minutes before heading back down the mountain, it just climbed out of the fog and I got good use out of my telephoto and borrowed lens extenders.

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