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It's Back!

Have you ever wanted to go back and look at what was in the Photo Drop Box from the shipboard network? Missing some important photo or just want to take a stroll down memory lane? Well now you can. In Hong Kong I purchased a large external hard disk and made a complete copy of everything in the Public Folder and the Photo Drop Box.

I've taken every photo from the named country folders, created thumbnails and posted them here. If there is sufficient demand I may also post the contents of the Folders By Name folder where many people were collecting various photos. Please note that I have not sorted these photos and as such there are many misplaced items. There are over 87,000 photos in the archive I have, over 50,000 here on this site, and I just don't have the time to go through that many. To the best of my knowledge this constitutes the largest collection of Semester at Sea photos on the Internet.

Nota Bene: I cannot respond requests for the full size images, I will do what I can by my time is limited. Please exercise discretion when requesting that I provide copies. I will also remove photos from this site either at the request of ISE or with good reason but not because your teeth are not white enough. All media remains property of the original photographer.

News / Updates

  • 2008-04-10: I'm currently in the process of rearranging this website. The files from the Photo Drop Box are now located at:
  • 2006-07-18: Ok, scratch that on the request system. I'm scaling all the images to 800 pixels along their longest axis and uploading them all. This should easily fit within my resource constraints and allow large enough copies of the images for anything except printing.
  • 2006-07-16: I'm in the process of adding a system to allow people to request full size versions of the images. Because I can't host all the content I need you to tell me what to host. Each picture will have a link below it labeled Request a larger copy.. Clicking this link will create an entry in a database, once a day a program on my computer will look at that database, prepare the images and upload them. Once this is completed the link on the page will change to View larger copy. I also plan on adding an option to notify you by email when the photos are uploaded.

The Photos

  1. The Bahamas
    644 photos.
  2. Venezuela
    5,355 photos.
  3. Brazil
    7,867 photos.
  4. South Africa
    7,344 photos.
  5. Mauritius
    1,312 photos.
  6. Shipboard Olympics
    1,038 photos.
  7. India
    7,305 photos.
  8. Myanmar
    6,711 photos.
  9. Halloween
    454 photos.
  10. Vietnam
    5,858 photos.
  11. Cambodia
    171 photos.
  12. Hong Kong
    120 photos.
  13. China
    5,817 photos.
  14. Japan
    4,051 photos.
  15. Ambassadors Ball and Misc
    409 photos.

As always your comments, questions and feedback are greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me at


    The official website for the Semester at Sea® program.
    Photography and videos from my SAS roommate Brock.
    Chris Bolin's photography. Chris was the official photographer for the Fall 2005 voyage.
    Various photography from Amy, the IT coordinator on my voyage. Also see her SAS Fall 2005 site.
    A collection of videos from the voyage AV coordinator, Rico.
    The official website for Sony Stark, the videographer from my voyage.
  7. The Global Nomads Group
    GNG had a few participants on the Fall 2005 voyage, they are focused on connecting youth across large geological and cultural boundries.
  8. SAS Reunion and Road Trip 2006
    Photos from the 2006 all-voyage reunion and my road trip from Kansas to San Deigo to attend.
    Collections of my photography from other travels.
    My main website.

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