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The Voyage

Semester at Sea® is a global shipboard education program. The goal is to provide students with a comparative cross section of a large number of cultures in a single semester. I attended the Fall 2005 voyage of Semester at Sea and can easily say that it was one of the best experiences of my life so far. I've compiled these pages in the hope of sharing my experience with others, I hope you enjoy them and would appreciate any feedback.

Aft deck rainbow.
A rainbow off the aft deck the morning of Neptune Day.
  • The Bahamas - Work In Progress
    The voyage began in the Bahamas, departing from Nassau on the 30th of August.
  • Venezuela - Work In Progress
    The first stop of our itinerary. We docked in La Guaira, about an hour from the capital Caracas.
  • Brazil - Work In Progress
  • South Africa
    Cape Town was, without a doubt, one of my favorite ports of the voyage.
  • Mauritius - Work In Progress
    Our itinerary originally slated this stop to be Kenya but a State Department advisory relocated us to this little island east of Madagascar.
  • India - Work In Progress
    Chennai (Madras)
  • Myanmar (Burma) - Work In Progress
  • Vietnam - Work In Progress
    Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon
  • Cambodia - Work In Progress
    This was a side trip I took out of Vietnam visiting Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat.
  • Hong Kong / China - Work In Progress
    Hong Kong and Beijing.
  • Japan - Work In Progress
    The ship docked in Kobe but I had a rail pass and was instantly off to Kyoto and Kanazawa.
  • Hawaii / San Diego - Work In Progress
    Our final stop in Hawaii and then disembarkation in San Diego.
  • Shipboard Life - Work In Progress
    Various photos from shipboard activities such as Neptune Day and the Shipboard Olympics.

Our Route

World Route

The Photo Drop Box

That's right. I've got almost the entire Photo Drop Box from the shipboard network here. Unfortunately you can't see the full size pictures (that would be over 120 GB of images) but I have made the thumbnails large enough to see what is going on in each photo.

Other Resources

  • Packing List
    This is the packing list that I compiled before my voyage. As expected it turned out to be a bit over inclusive. In the future I hope to revise it but for now it can serve as a loose guide.
  • Shipboard Email
    Some extra information about the Internet connection on the ship and some things you can do to minimize your usage.


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